Voting November 8, 2016

I am a Christian and my first objective is to select people who are pro-life. I like to use Craig Huey's website to help make decisions regarding how to vote. If you don't live in San Bernardino, use his information for the races that I do not list. http://www.craighuey.com/

I also did my own reading and studying to make decisions as well. I read all the propositions and the voter information in the voter information guide. If I didn't know enough, I looked up personal websites so I could make an informed decision.

President--I will probably vote for Trump. I am more voting against Hillary Clinton than for Trump.

Senator--Loretta Sanchez   Unfortunately, we have a choice of two democrats, so there is no pro-life candidate. Sanchez is more of a traditional democrat while Harris is more extreme. (Harris is the one who tried to punish the undercover people who exposed Planned Parenthood.)
Links for Sanchez and Harris--http://www.breitbart.com/california/2016/09/01/loretta-sanchez-republicans/  http://www.zocalopublicsquare.org/2015/05/28/how-the-2016-senate-race-will-divide-california/inquiries/connecting-california/   http://www.lifenews.com/.../emails-show-california-ag.../

US Representative for District 31--Paul Chabot 

State Senate District 23--Mike Morrell

State Assembly  District 40--Marc Steinorth

Judge of Superior Court Office 24--Susan Slater (based on Craig Huey's website)

San Bernardino Community College Area 7--John Wurm (I read the information on his website and agreed with him most.) The mayor of Highland, Larry McCallon, recommends Dr Anne Viricel, so she is another option. I can't find much information on what she wants to do.


I am voting "Yes" on Prop 53, 54, and 66.

I am voting "No" on all others. Most of this stuff should be handled in the legislature. Normal people do not have time to read and figure these out. (I read all of them, by the way.)

City of San Bernardino Measures

Measure L (New charter) Yes

Measures M, O, P (variations on legalizing marijuana) NO--Having experienced first hand the joys of having medical marijuana sold in the shopping center near my home, I do not want marijuana stores nearby. All these measures would allow stores to return to the same place. (The stores were closed due to illegal activity.) We saw an increase in crime and loitering. My daughter was caught in crossfire as she walked home from the grocery store which is located in the same shopping center.

Why I vote Pro-Life

Why is being pro-life so important to me? As a Christian I believe in the value of all people. God says that even our hairs are numbered, and he knows us in our mother's womb. He also says that children are a blessing from the Lord. In addition, allowing and encouraging the death of the unborn leads to euthanasia, assisted suicide, and experimentation on the sick, handicapped and disadvantaged. This is already happening in America as well as Europe. We need to turn back to what God says about his creation and respect all life.
I am especially concerned for my grown handicapped daughter. I have already had her healthcare provider refuse to order blood work for her.


Apathy rules. Few people pay attention or care. Even fewer vote. Perhaps we don't know how to think anymore, perhaps because we've forgotten how or never learned. We are sheep being led to the slaughter.


We made recycled trash bag balls in GA when we studied Argentina. To make them, you need lots and lots of plastic bags and scrap paper to make a ball shape. Then cover the ball with duct tape or decorative tape. In Argentina, children who can't afford soccer balls make them out of trash and tape. Of course they don't have fancy tape!


Will Christian colleges bite the dust?

California may soon legislate the extinction of Christian universities who stand for traditional marriage and for the integration of Christian beliefs in all of their studies. This is an interesting article that lays out the future:



Hair care chemical watch

I'm looking for shampoo ideas--trying to avoid the items listed below.


Christians, Muslims, and Progressives

Thoughts on the massacre in Orlando:

I learned that facebook is not the place for deep thinking. It is the place for selling stuff as well as posting photo memes and pictures of family, so I'm using my blog and whoever is interested can read it.

I think the man who did the shooting is to blame. He was influenced by others, but he carried out the action. Anyone who assisted him is also to blame and should be punished. Matt Barber has an interesting take and his column is linked below.