Well, we got through our first GA sleepover at my house! I had 5 girls come plus Noelle. Bridgett left early, so 4 girls spent the night. It was a little rough because I missed one of my prep days--instead sitting in the emergency room all day Thursday. But we got almost everything done anyway!

Note to self: End the next GA sleepover at 11:00am--two meals are enough to prepare! And get someone to help with either cleanup or Bethany.

We learned about China--ate with chopsticks, ate egg rolls, potstickers, noodles, tea, fried devils(donuts), and fried rice with chicken. The kids missed the sweets, especially Kaitlyn.

Grace spoke to us about her trip to China. She said nobody eats sweets much in China. The Chinese treat is spicy, hot food instead. And there are no fortune cookies in China!

We decorated t-shirts, did caligraphy, painted props for our play, and watched veggietales movies. Kaitlyn managed to hurt her foot on the exercise bike, so I had to make it off limits.

The girls stayed up until 2:00am giggling and scaring each other. Imaginations work overtime at that time of night!

And boy, am I tired! But it was fun and a good learning, teamwork experience.

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