Bethany has surgery on her foot on Monday, June 26th. Fortunately it is going to be outpatient surgery, so we get to go home that day. : )

Life has been busy around here. Lots of birthdays and parties this month. Sarah has been celebrating her 19th birthday all week. That's the nice thing about being 19--I tend to ignore my birthday--don't like to think about being older!


wildzontor said...

hi mom! just thought i'd post on your blog. finally catching up on things at the apartment. |:-)

love you,

vi mom said...

Thanks for commenting, Ben. I haven't done much with my blog lately--may get back to it soon. We have family blogs for the Bryans and Watsons, but hardly anyone reads them either.

So the philosophical question is, if the blog is written, but it is never read, is it really worthwhile to write it?