It's amazing what a good night's sleep does to one's disposition. Bethany and I both slept through the night last night. Bethany is still cranky, but I just trapped her in the couches and turned up my headphones. Not much else I can do!

I have a dozen ideas running through my head--things I want to do, but they may not go any further than my head at this point. Let's see, I want to strip the kitchen floor and paint it since we can't replace it right now. However that involves a trip to the store to buy paints. And I want to buy new couch covers, but that takes money. And I want to clean out all my closets, but I don't want to make a mess right now, so that will have to wait! I need to go through all our book shelves and cabinets and make them all usable for the school year. I should help Noelle organize her room, although I know she will resist my help. I'd like to paint my room, but that is a humongous job because of all the closets and doors and stuff to move. And it costs money too! After that, I'll need to update our bedding--I haven't decided what colors to use in our room. I'll probably do cream, blue and green like Sarah did--except more cream and less blue.

I need to take Jon shopping for school stuff for college--he'll need items for apartment living. I can't see him buying a pot or pan on his own. Maybe he would surprise me!

Oh yeah, at some point in time I need to put my pictures in scrapbooks, finish my parents' presents, and do some sewing for Noelle--another trip to the store!

So that's what is running through my head right now. And I still need to do my school plans for next year. At least I have my books!

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