I missed attending church today--my van is in the shop and Bethany woke up late. I still could have gone, but the little rental I have won't hold Bethany's stroller and I wasn't up to making Bethany walk a long distance to get to class. (When you are late to church the good parking spaces are all gone)

Holmes comes home Tuesday. Hooray!!! He'll be gone to Cincinnati Friday- Sunday, but then he is home for a while. Hallelujah!

I have been repairing vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners, putting doors back on cabinets, and dealing with Bethany constantly. I am more than ready for a break. And now I need to fix the disposer again!

I don't know how single moms manage this stuff all the time--maybe they don't have big houses and yards to deal with. I think the day to day hassle of caring for a handicapped child is probably the most difficult thing to deal with. If I had life to do over again, I probably would have more strongly considered putting her in the school system--then I would at least have a few hours free each day!

I don't really mind caring for Bethany--my hope is in heaven, this is just a temporary place of residence. Many many people deal with much worse things than I deal with. And there is nothing better than seeing a big smile on Bethany's face, or to hear her call "Mom", "mom" when she wakes up in the morning. But the fussing does wear on me! Thank God for headphones.

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