Well, I have finally had it with our local Wal mart. The customer service has gotten so poor that I am taking my shopping elsewhere. I'll drive a little further and go to more stores, but I no longer feel that I can patronize this store.

Yesterday I waited and waited for someone to cut fabric for me. One lady was working on the other side of the counter from me and left without acknowledging me. Another was stacking fabric on the shelf behind me and saw me but ignored me. One of the managers came by and stood across from me. He talked to the lady behind me and acted as if I weren't there. I gave up and left the store.

That would have been my last time to Wal mart, but I was having pictures developed. I picked them up today and lo and behold, I had single prints instead of the doubles I had requested and no cds which I had ordered as well. So that is it for me!

Target and JoAnn's here I come!


Sarah said...

YAY! Join the boycotting Wal-Mart club!

vi mom said...

Update on our local Walmart:
They cleaned up the store, moved things around, hired more clerks and the store is much better now!

I like shopping there. They still need to work on keeping shelves stocked and their craft section is a lot smaller--I have to go to Jo Ann's and Michaels to get stuff I need now.