Life goes on and I am glad to have it. It is a busy time in my life--perhaps life will always be busy-- and I love all the different things I have to do. Today I am vacuuming with my newly repaired vacuum. I know that doesn't sound exciting, but after several months of war with my vacuum, it is a blessing to have it actually do what it is supposed to do!

This afternoon Noelle has a dentist appt and Mikaija will be with us. I will be teaching science this afternoon--we will learn about the moon--I imagine the girls will know most of the stuff in the book, so it should be pretty easy. Lun means moon and month comes from the word moon--wonderful stuff!

Later today I will work on finding a verse for the GAs to use tomorrow night during prayer time--I look forward to finding one--Our prayer time is the highlight of our GA class. The girls are excited about praying because we are.

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