The GA motto starts, "As a GA I will do my part to live a missions lifestyle that honors God by . . ."

Christa Marvin caught the key to our motto when she noticed "honors God". She pointed out that if we ask the question, "Am I honoring God when I do this?" we will save ourselves from a lot of grief. I want to get in the habit of asking this question, "Does this honor God?"

In all that we do we are to bring glory to God--I think this is especially true in our sensual society that glorifies and gratifies the physical senses--seeing, touching, hearing, tasting and maybe smelling too. We don't know what it means to sacrifice anything really. Developing the habit of self sacrifice enables us to put more of our energy into knowing and glorifying God.

My self gratification through taste causes me to gain weight. My lack of discipline to exercise because it takes work doesn't glorify God either. So I must learn to sacrifice my own desires and bring all my thoughts captive to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is then that I will truly glorify God.

I think our lifestyle of self gratification is dangerous to the soul and spirit; ultimately the body is damaged too. As Christians our witness is diminished and disrespected when our first thoughts are to please our own desires. May I seek God first in all that I do.

I pray the same for my own children and their friends.

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