It's Valentine's Day--and the great gift giving question comes. Why should someone give a gift for Valentine's day? Why should we give gifts at all? And especially why flowers? After all flowers are dead in a week or two. Why bother?

What are your thoughts on this, pro or con?


Jonathan said...

Unless the proceeds go to some noble cause, it is always wrong to buy flowers for someone. They should always be hand-picked, and it is best that some great trial is endured during the obtaining of the flowers, preferably a fight with a fire-breathing dragon with a fierce-sounding name. The beautiful girl recieving the flowers should always politely say thank-you instead of screaming and running away, which is what usually happens.

vi mom said...

I have never known a girl to scream and run away when given flowers. Does this happen to you on a regular basis?

vi mom said...

Well since I only have one response and can count the number of people who read this on one hand, I will throw in my two cents.

I personally love flowers--I'd like a house full of flowers all the time. Flowers make me smile. If given to me, I think of the giver. They are uplifting to the sense of smell as well as sight. Flowers bring the sun inside!