See website: www.johnmccain.com
McCain, known as a maverick--He votes as a conservative republican most of the time (83%) according to Christian Coalition, but occasionally he joins with democrats to pass liberal legislation.

The most hated legislation among conservative talk show hosts is the McCain Feingold bill, which changed who could contribute funds to politicians and would-be politicians. It also restricted free speech by limiting ads by groups within a certain time period of an election. Some say that this bill is an abuse of the first amendment of the constitution.

Dennis Prager, conservative talk show host, says that he decided not to run for the senate because of this law. He says it keeps people who are not rich from running because they can't easily raise enough money to run.

Rush Limbaugh doesn't like him, but many people have endorsed him, including Trent Lott, The New York Times, many other newspapers, and a number of governors and congressmen. Michael Medved, another conservative talk show host, enthusiastically endorses him. For information about McCain's view, issues and endorsements, go to his website.

The other concern about McCain is his stance on illegal immigration. He seems to speak out of both sides of his mouth on this issue. His hispanic relations director, Dr Juan Hernandez, has dual citizenship in US and Mexico and is an advocate of open borders. McCain says he is for securing the borders, however. http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=YmI4OGJhMjE2Y2ZkYzU5ODNiNGQ3ZTE1MjJiY2EwZTg=
Rebuttal on Medved's show: Dr Hernandez is a respected doctor, and he is only a volunteer for McCain.

Positives: McCain is a Christian, strong on foreign policy, experienced in politics, usually a fiscal conservative. He would say that he is an American first and a Republican second, and that is why he doesn't always vote for Republican bills. According to Trent Lott, he is 100% conservative on social issues.
Negatives: May not pay enough attention to the details of the constitution. A Washington insider. Age: probably not a big issue--McCain is a high energy guy.


Previously governor of Massachusetts--he either lowered taxes or raised them, depending on who you listen to, and he enacted a state healthcare policy. He is a wealthy businessman and is considered strong on economics. His website listing his issues and policies, shows that he is a conservative in all areas. He will do well as a leader-- he speaks well, looks great, has a nice family, has nice hair, etc. He sounds and acts in a presidential manner.

Negatives: He has changed views on issues such as abortion in the past few years, so his record shows him more liberal than he says he is now. For some people, his Mormon faith is an issue. His experience in public office is limited. He doesn't seem to have clear convictions--easily changes his mind.

He is enthusiastically endorsed by Hugh Hewitt, conservative radio talk show host.

My opinion? I'm undecided. Both of these men have good and bad points. When I listen to Medved, I'm for McCain, and when I listen to Hewitt I like Romney. Since I am not in a "winner take all state", my vote counts in my own district so I may vote for someone else.

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