I'm "soaking up poetry lessons like a sponge". I've never had such fun learning and teaching as this study of poetry. This week we are learning about poems of comparison and our focus is metaphor poetry. This poem has some built in structure which makes it a little easier to write. The student is required to write a simile or metaphor in each line with the exception of the first line.

Here is my poem:

The Healing Stream

As I gaze upon the frothing white of the rushing, tumbling stream

First it is as savage as a roaring tiger

Then it is as swift as a speeding train

And then it is a milky white stallion plunging forward, his sides heaving with sweat

And now it becomes a mighty bulldozer hurling boulders over a massive waterfall

Changing into a jewel-encrusted cave, emerald and sapphire

Forming a cool, peaceful hiding place

And it is a meandering minstrel, happily humming

And now it flows gently, a prayer whispered quietly . . . peace, be still.

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Nanny McFee said...

That is wonderful. I love the way poetry so openly reflects the heart of a person. I don't know what it is about it that just touches the emotions. I often feel that it is the best way for me to accurately describe how I feel about my relationship with Christ. Perhaps that is why I find hymns to be so beautiful.