Bits and pieces of life:

Well. . . yesterday I served taco salad for lunch. This morning at 5:00am, I figured out that I had forgotten to provide lettuce for the salad! I had seven people eating it, and no one said anything about whether we had any lettuce. Oh well, life goes on.

Today was the first anniversary of the day we said our final goodbyes to my Mother, and she went on to glory. I think of her everyday--she was so organized and so busy doing for others. Dad still sends us cards she had made ahead of time--it is so precious to get that remembrance of her.

We are discussing Romans 9 at the house right now. What a difficult passage to understand. I need to do much more study. Why did God make people when he knew they were bound for hell?

On prayer: our pastor preached a sermon saying that "God does nothing except in answer to believing prayer"-- a quote something like John Wesley said. We disagree with the premise, but do agree with the need to pray.

I finished my skirt! Now I need shoes and a purse to match. It never ends.

Tomorrow I'll do Bethany's therapy and prepare the next wall in my room for painting. Maybe I'll paint it too.

I'm reading three books right now. I'm reviewing Love the Lord with all your Mind by JP Moreland. I'm also reading Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges and CS. Lewis' Letters to Malcom. I've appreciated CS. Lewis' down to earth thoughts on prayer. I especially like the thought that you pray where you are mentally, physically and spiritually. Start praying where you are comfortable. Praise and thank God for the things you see right around you. Don't try to be someone you are not as you pray. God know us better than we know ourselves!


Sarah Bryan said...

the lettuce makes the salad weird anyway.

Ben said...

yeah, who needs lettuce? Now if you had forgotten the meat...