In the great scheme of life, I really should have posted something earlier, but here goes.

Ben and Kris were married Saturday--a beautiful wedding. Mixing black tuxes, sky blue dresses, movie music and a beautiful bride, the wedding went off without a hitch. The minister, Anthony was funny and refreshing. We wish them the best!

Dad is leaving tomorrow after having to extend his stay because of hurricane Gustav. He finally gets to go home. He doesn't have any idea what he will find, but he can't wait to get there.

Jon and Sarah, our two philosophers, left for college yesterday. I already miss them both.

Today we started Writeshop II and GA. Both went very well. We have 17 students in our writing class. Nine girls came to GA--I hope we have more.

Ever the organizer, Noelle wants to start school next Monday because she wants to do a full weeks' schedule of classes. I can't say that I blame her.

Bethany obviously needs to see a dentist. Hopefully we can see one on Friday!

That's all folks.

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