On the 5th day of advent, Dad called and said he had a lady friend! That was the highlight of that day. But, however, and in addition:

Well, December 5 and 6 went by in a blur of activity as I worked on cleaning house and buying groceries and feeding and feeding and feeding Bethany. Thankfully, on Saturday afternoon, Susan took Bethany off my hands, so I was able to get ready for our SS party on Saturday night.

So on the sixth day of advent, we invited our SS class over for a potluck and fellowship time. We had a good turnout--filled up two tables, and most everyone brought dessert! We had Nedra's pumpkin squares, brownies, cheesecake squares, oreo cookie cheesecake and custard pie. To top off all that dessert, we made homemade whipped cream! Yum! I cooked ham and roast beef for our main dish. We sang Christmas songs and watched Butch's homemade dvd---it had Jon's guitar music playing in the background. Noelle played a Christmas song on the harmonica.

I got to talk to Marco's wife and found out that she is caring for three handicapped children. Her life consists of going to work and then taking someone to the doctor. I'm glad to be caring for only one handicapped child!

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Benjamin Bryan said...

I wish Grandpops lived a little closer so we could meet his lady friend!