Today marks the ninth day of advent. An ipod, a camera, and a computer dominated my day today. Yes, Bethany is now the proud owner of an ipod! We will use it to replace our broken CD player, but she will get first priority in its use.

More gifts came in the mail today. Dad attempted to buy Christmas lights for the house--the new led lights that don't use much electricity--but the stores are sold out. He did find three strings, so we'll decorate a little. Last year our electric bill was enormous from the use of our lights, so we will do with less this year.

I talked to Pops. He is disappointed that we won't be there for Christmas. I'll miss being there too, but I do like being at my CA home as well.


Benjamin Bryan said...

You got a new computer?!

vi mom said...

No, the computer took preeminence in my life. I had to make a video and put it up on youtube for Bethany's program. And I also had to set up the ipod on the computer.