Common Sense Proposals

Today, I will start a new blog section expressing thoughts regarding our government and common sense answers to various problems.

According to the Wall Street Journal ( Tuesday, December 8, 2009 B1), the EPA has announced that carbon dioxide is a danger to human health. If this didn't have such serious ramifications to our society, it would be a laughable matter.

In grade school I was taught that plants need carbon dioxide and humans and animals need oxygen. Plants give off oxygen and humans and animals exhale carbon dioxide. Thus we have a perfectly balanced world.

If the problem of excessive carbon dioxide really exists, the obvious answer is to grow more trees and plants. Instead of fining business or selling and trading carbon credits, discover how much carbon dioxide a tree uses in a day and plant a corresponding number of trees and plants to offset the excess carbon dioxide.

And now the problem is solved, adding color and beauty to the earth. However, the carbon credit business fails and the government can't control our breathing; so don't look for this simple solution anytime soon.


As Noelle reminded us, today is the first day of advent. I feel better physically than I have in a while, so I wanted to clean house, and I did! Noelle and Mikaija giggled all afternoon while taking pictures and videos and making a cake. I found the other Christmas wreath and hung it up.

Monday, we found out that Bethany's oxygen saturation level may be really low, so I gave her some floradix with iron. She was happy almost all day-singing, giggling and smiling.


Good thing that happened today: septic system didn't back up!


Problem: what does one do when a church group does not want to study God's word in depth? When a person who questions what is said about Biblical doctrine is ostracized or shut down, what should he do? Find another church? What does it say about a church when the people seem to be lazy about studying and knowing God's word? How did a great church get this way?


This is the link to the nutritional center that cured Sarah of her allergy and stomach problems. We highly recommend it!



Our trip to San Francisco--August 3-5--to see my Dad and Mary. They were in Palo Alto for the Senior Olympics. Normally Mary participates, (and her team wins!) but this time she sat out due to recent back surgery.

We took a morning trip to the Golden Gate Bridge--along with numerous people from around the world.

Located near Stanford University in Palo Alto, an unusual church, The Church of Self Realization caught our eyes. Upon closer inspection, we found it to be a Hindu church.

In the evening, we visited with Pops and Mary.

"I love my lips . . . " actually these are poor Sarah's lips after eating watermelon--tomorrow she goes to the doctor, and she hopefully will begin to resolve her many allergy and stomach problems.


Summer night--hot, restless,
I am an unwilling audience as
a mockingbird tweedles and chirrups, a jaunty insomniac
a cricket constantly chirps--a distracting good luck charm
And one annoying mosquito buzzes in my ear-- I'd like to smash.


I finally figured out why we were being charged an $8.00 a month fee on Amazon. . . and I fixed it! So now Noelle's book is making money. Hooray!


Aloha! Tonight our GA study of missions in Hawaii culminated with a luau. Twenty-two girls attended--a pleasant surprise since there were no classes for parents during our GA time. We played limbo, hot potato, learned a Hawaiian dance, made sand and plaster hands, ate yummy food brought by all the teachers, and heard from a high school student who had just been on a mission trip to Hawaii.

It doesn't get more fun or more exhausting!


Well, Noelle has sold three books on Amazon, but due to fees she hasn't made any money yet! She needs to sell one more book to start making money. She also has sold two books that we purchased. For every ten books we buy, she has to sell four and a half before she starts making money.

Publishing a book is much easier than doing the marketing!


Noelle has published her first book through CreateSpace.com and Amazon. The name is The End of Chess, and she is listed as Charity N. Bryan. Here is the link on CreateSpace.

I can't get the Amazon link to work,--I don't want to type the incredibly long address-- but you can search for it on Amazon.

Self-publishing is an interesting experience. I used the cheapest publishing method--CreateSpace. I made mistakes and learned a bit, so we'll do better with the next book.

The hard part is marketing the book. So far, we have sold one book and have spent about $80.00. However, most self publishing websites charge $500 to $800. It may be worthwhile to pay the money up front in order to get marketing help.

Noelle considered this to be a practice book, but the story is funny and a good read!
A mysterious adventure, the implausibility of the story tickles the imagination.


Funny quote:

"You don't get anything clean without getting something else dirty". Cecil Baxter


I made up a recipe today, so I am going to post it before I forget it.

Bacon Wrapped Sole Fillets


Sole fillets (2 per person)
Tony Chacheres seasoning
onion--chopped into rectangles
cheddar cheese (probably can use another kind)--cut into large cubes

Use a 13x9inch dish
Heat oven to 400 degrees

Rinse fish
sprinkle with Tony Chaceres seasoning
Place onion and cheese in center of fish
Roll up
Wrap bacon around fish

After placing all fish in pan or dish, cook for 15 to 20 minutes. Broil for five minutes(or until done) to brown bacon.

I served this with fried rice and a salad. Yum!


My seventy-eight year old dad, who has been through his share of suffering, pain and loss, likes to quote this verse to me:

Psalm 90:10 (KJV)The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.


Accomplishments galore attended my day today. I figured out how to prepare and send Noelle's manuscript to the copyright office--that just took two hours. As soon as her copyright is recorded, we'll get her first book, The End of Chess, published through Amazon.

This afternoon my vacuum cleaner parts arrived and, believe it or not, I repaired my vacuum all by myself, and it is as good as new! So Sarah doesn't have to buy me that $500.00 vacuum I want after all. :)


Funny quote from George MacDonald in the fairy tale "Little Daylight":

"But I never knew of any interference on the part of a wicked fairy that did not turn out a good thing in the end. What a good thing, for instance, it was that one princess should sleep for a hundred years! Was she not saved from all the plague of young men who were not worthy of her? And did she not come awake exactly at the right moment when the right prince kissed her? For my part, I cannot help wishing a good many girls would sleep till just the same fate overtook them. It would be happier for them, and more agreeable to their friends."


I just purchased a steam cleaner from cleanreport.com. I've never had so much fun cleaning! The steam knocks dirt out of corners and off hard to clean edges. I've painlessly cleaned my shower--used the steam cleaner to loosen the dirt and then my bathroom cleaner to finish things up. It also cleaned most of the dirt out of the grout on my bathroom floors. I liked seeing the dirt disappear on my metal thresholds too.

I'm doing a room every few days. I can't wait to try it out on my rock fireplace!


A warm beach day, Saturday offered sunshine and a pleasant breeze. Although we couldn't pay the ocean a visit, we did work outside. I started the process of cleaning out a flower bed. Holmes chopped up branches and cut down more. We're planning to grow veggies this year. Hooray!


My blog badly needs updating, but it hasn't been a priority lately.

We just have one week of Writeshop II left! Hooray! I've had a great time teaching these students, but I'm tired of the extra work a few students require. In a regular school setting, they would just get D's or F's. Hopefully, they have learned a little bit in our class, but I am not sure their parents have gotten their money's worth. I am so glad to be a co-teacher. I don't think I would be able to deal with unhappy parents. Diane handles all the difficulties.

I think if I ever taught in a regular school setting, I would not allow late work unless it was for a very good reason. I have a new appreciation for teachers who grade multiple essays and have to keep careful records of their students' work. It is so easy to forget to record grades when papers come in late or need more work.

So that is my rant against undisciplined, procrastinating students! I feel much better now.

Since I should really end with a positive note, on the other side of the ledger, (the A and B side) we have mostly conscientious students. I really appreciate their self discipline and hard work!


As I reflect on the day, I am satisfied with a day of labor. I've studied and prepared for writing classes tomorrow, and hopefully the students will benefit from my work. If not, I know I've done my best! Tomorrow evening will be a time of crafts with me and Bible study with Christa for our GA girls. We are learning about cowboy missions--a new topic for me! I wish I had the money to buy each girl a cowboy hat, but I don't.