Well, Noelle has sold three books on Amazon, but due to fees she hasn't made any money yet! She needs to sell one more book to start making money. She also has sold two books that we purchased. For every ten books we buy, she has to sell four and a half before she starts making money.

Publishing a book is much easier than doing the marketing!


Noelle has published her first book through CreateSpace.com and Amazon. The name is The End of Chess, and she is listed as Charity N. Bryan. Here is the link on CreateSpace.

I can't get the Amazon link to work,--I don't want to type the incredibly long address-- but you can search for it on Amazon.

Self-publishing is an interesting experience. I used the cheapest publishing method--CreateSpace. I made mistakes and learned a bit, so we'll do better with the next book.

The hard part is marketing the book. So far, we have sold one book and have spent about $80.00. However, most self publishing websites charge $500 to $800. It may be worthwhile to pay the money up front in order to get marketing help.

Noelle considered this to be a practice book, but the story is funny and a good read!
A mysterious adventure, the implausibility of the story tickles the imagination.


Funny quote:

"You don't get anything clean without getting something else dirty". Cecil Baxter