Summer night--hot, restless,
I am an unwilling audience as
a mockingbird tweedles and chirrups, a jaunty insomniac
a cricket constantly chirps--a distracting good luck charm
And one annoying mosquito buzzes in my ear-- I'd like to smash.


I finally figured out why we were being charged an $8.00 a month fee on Amazon. . . and I fixed it! So now Noelle's book is making money. Hooray!


Aloha! Tonight our GA study of missions in Hawaii culminated with a luau. Twenty-two girls attended--a pleasant surprise since there were no classes for parents during our GA time. We played limbo, hot potato, learned a Hawaiian dance, made sand and plaster hands, ate yummy food brought by all the teachers, and heard from a high school student who had just been on a mission trip to Hawaii.

It doesn't get more fun or more exhausting!