Common Sense Proposals

Today, I will start a new blog section expressing thoughts regarding our government and common sense answers to various problems.

According to the Wall Street Journal ( Tuesday, December 8, 2009 B1), the EPA has announced that carbon dioxide is a danger to human health. If this didn't have such serious ramifications to our society, it would be a laughable matter.

In grade school I was taught that plants need carbon dioxide and humans and animals need oxygen. Plants give off oxygen and humans and animals exhale carbon dioxide. Thus we have a perfectly balanced world.

If the problem of excessive carbon dioxide really exists, the obvious answer is to grow more trees and plants. Instead of fining business or selling and trading carbon credits, discover how much carbon dioxide a tree uses in a day and plant a corresponding number of trees and plants to offset the excess carbon dioxide.

And now the problem is solved, adding color and beauty to the earth. However, the carbon credit business fails and the government can't control our breathing; so don't look for this simple solution anytime soon.


As Noelle reminded us, today is the first day of advent. I feel better physically than I have in a while, so I wanted to clean house, and I did! Noelle and Mikaija giggled all afternoon while taking pictures and videos and making a cake. I found the other Christmas wreath and hung it up.

Monday, we found out that Bethany's oxygen saturation level may be really low, so I gave her some floradix with iron. She was happy almost all day-singing, giggling and smiling.