I haven't written anything since the election!  I guess I've been too disappointed in our golden state--it seems to be fools' gold instead.

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I have studied and prayed and now I have completed my ballot. For background information and links, read my older post. My recommendations are as follows:

For all elected state and national offices, I voted straight  Republican.

Tani G Cantil-Sakauye--NO
Ming Chin----NO
Carlos Moreno--NO
Judith McConnell--NO
Manuel Ramirez--YES
Carol Codrington--YES
David Sills--NO
William Bedsworth--YES
Eileen Moore--NO

State Superintendent
Larry Aceves

SB County Board of Ed.
James Tate

SB Community  College
Don Nydam, Donna Ferracone, James Ramos

SB Valley Water District
Pat Milligan

19  NO
20  YES
21  NO
22  YES
23  YES
24  NO
25  NO
26  YES
27  NO

San Bernardino Measure C

For more information:  Check the rest of this blog and my notes on facebook


California Election Forum, Craig Huey, Election recommendations, Election recommendiations for conservative Christian voters.

Great source for how to vote!

How I voted is in the post before this one.  Here I am posting all the background information I  used to come to my decisions.

This one reminds us of Jerry Brown's past.

This one provides information from a Christian perspective and gives recommendations for the judges.

Abel Maldanano info--don't like him or Mike Villines, but I am voting for both.

Lieutenant Governorby Teresa J Bryan on Friday, October 8, 2010 at 5:24pmWell, I know I am opposed to very pro-gay, environmental activist Gavin Newsom.  But what about Abel Maldonano?  He is the guy who cast a tie-breaking vote to raise our CA taxes two years ago.  He is a moderate Republican.  However, I looked at his voting record, and it isn't too bad.  So I will probably cast a reluctant vote for Maldonano.  I think he is a politician before a Republican, and a Republican before a conservative.  However, he is the lesser of two evils.

PropositionsBy Teresa J Bryan · Wednesday, October 6, 2010I pay close attention to McClintock's suggestions, and this link offers his advice on how to vote on the propositions in November.http://www.tommcclintock.com/blog/tom-mcclintock-on-the-propositions
My research on Meg Whitman vs Jerry Brown for governorby Teresa J Bryan on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 8:07amI am researching Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown.  Hopefully, this will offer balance and information to help make an informed voting decision.
Moral Issues:
Meg Whitmanhttp://www.megwhitman.com/on_the_record.php
Meg Whitman's main flaw on moral issues is that she is pro choice.  However, she believes in laws that restrict abortion and believes in parental consent.  She does not believe the government should pay for abortion.
She is pro marriage between a man and a woman and is for proposition 8. She believes in civil unions for homosexuals.  She is opposed to legalizing marijuana and is for second amendment rights-- the right to own a gun.  Regarding health care, she believes the private system works best as opposed to nationalizing it.

Jerry Brownhttp://www.jerrybrown.org/civil-rights
Jerry Brown is pro choice.  He strongly supports abortion and having the government pay for it.  From his website:Continued state funding for abortions for low-income women after passage of the Hyde Amendment in 1976, which cut off federal funding for abortions. Signed the “Pregnancy Freedom of Choice Act” giving unmarried women under the age of 21 the opportunity for state-funded prenatal care and counseling.   I also signed a bill to require county health clinics to provide physicians and surgeons with lists of family planning and birth control clinics. He is a strong believer in gay rights and gay marriage and refused to defend prop. 8--the defense of marriage act although as attorney general he was obligated to uphold the law of the state.
He is for the 2nd amendment (gun rights) and opposes the legalization of marijuana.
My position based on moral issues:  Meg Whitman is the more conservative choice.

San Bernardino Community College Electionby Teresa J Bryan on Friday, October 8, 2010 at 5:20pmI recommend Don Nydam for sure.  He is a Christian and comes with excellent experience and credentials.
Recommended by the Anackers:

Donna Ferracone
James Ramos


How I am voting:  For the state elections, I am voting straight Republican.  I don't care much for Abel Maldonano or Mike Villines, but the democratic choices are worse.
 I have studied Brown and Whitman, and based on Brown's record of raising taxes and pushing environmental issues at the expense of business, Whitman is the better choice for the business climate in California.  She is somewhat better on moral issues as well, although she seems to speak out of both sides of her mouth in an attempt to win votes.
Although Carly Fiorina is called a moderate, I've heard her on talk radio shows, and she seems to be a true conservative.  She is a successful, wealthy businesswoman and I think many people are jealous of her.

Propositions:  I'm following McClintock's advice:

Interestingly, Meg Whitman is practically the same on the propositions.  The only difference is that she is opposed to 23--the one that would stop the new environmental rules.  She instead plans to suspend them for a year when she gets into office so she can study them.  I would rather get rid of them altogether, so I go with McClintock on this one.

Now I need to study the much more difficult local elections and judges.  More is coming!
Luke 5:1-11  Last night in GA, we had a lesson on this passage where Jesus said "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Hearing that verse, my immediate reaction is "What can we do to be fishers of men?", and that is what I asked the girls.  The response: pray for them, read the Bible to them, give them Bibles, set a good example.

So, this morning I thought more about that verse and I realized something.  As Christians, our focus isn't supposed to be on trying to fish for men.  Instead, it should be on following Jesus.  He is the one who then makes us fishers of men.  My question should have been "How do you follow Jesus?"


Cleaning Jon's room (a little!)  Sweet memories .  .  .  .


Did Jon really move?
Sarah's room
Well, my two middle children moved out this week--Jon is renting a room in Highland, and Sarah is on a nine month mission trip to Argentina.  To his credit, Jon is working full time
 and I don't think he is done!


I cleaned out my closet, and look what I found!

Your Mom from outer space!

Playing with iphoto booth!


Free in Christ--"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." John 8:32

What is truth?  Jesus says, "I am the way, THE TRUTH, and the life." John 14:6 If we know Jesus, we know the truth and we are free in Christ.

How am I free? I am free from slavery to sin and to my flesh.  I have eternal life right now through Jesus Christ.  I am free from the struggle to do right.  Jesus lives his life through me (as I daily surrender to him) and works through me in service.  My body is earthly and sinful, dying day by day, but my spirit is alive in Jesus and eternal.  One day I will be set free from my earthly body--set free from wrong desires, wrong thoughts, wrong actions forever!  But right now, through the power of Jesus, I can overcome my fleshly desires.  He lives his life through me!

Like Martha, I have spent many years trying to serve and do things for God.  But God wants me to be like Mary and know Him.  As I know Him, I then serve Him out of love instead of obligation.  I allow Jesus to work through me in ministry to others.

Note:  The above is a work in progress and is based on my study of the book Grace Walk by Steve McVey, the books of Romans and John, and sermons by our pastor, Rob Zinn.  


Around the dinner table:

Earlier this week, I suggested to Jonathan that he visit Loyola Marymount, the graduate school he may be attending this fall, and peruse the bulletin boards for jobs and a place to live.

He replied, "Mom, Loyola is a Catholic school.  Catholic schools don't have bulletin boards, they have stained glass windows.  Baptists have bulletin boards.  If Baptists saved relics like the Catholics, they'd hang them on bulletin boards."


Patrick Henry
Governor of Virginia, Patriot

"This is all the inheritance I can give to my dear family. The religion of Christ can give them one which will make them rich indeed."


Thoughts on Toyota:

Rush Limbaugh is focusing on thoughts that have been in my mind since the Toyota recall. Since our family owns three Toyotas, this story has been of special interest to me. Our government owns a car company, GM, which competes with Toyota. Toyota was the leading car seller last year. GM is only making it with government assistance. Another friend of our current government, the UAW, has campaigned against Toyota because they don't hire union members.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Perhaps our government has ulterior motives in going after Toyota in such a big way. This is not to say that Toyota doesn't need to fix its car problems, but the problem is tiny and, according to the Wall Street Journal, happens occasionally with all kinds of autos.

In my experience, the Toyota is a great car! I hope our government does not do permanent damage to this company; after all, it keeps 30,000 automakers employed in America.


Poem I wrote at the age of ten:

The Flower

I saw a little flower
Drooping in the sun.
I gave it a drink of water,
But it looked at me and said,
Thank you, but I am almost dead.
Trust Jesus Only

I have tried to trust myself-
I've tried it day by day--
but when I think I have made it,
Old Satan steals that day;
it is only right that you should too,
set your standards high;
but if you are honest,
you will admit you have failed the same as I.

It seems we are determined to
bungle this life,
I am very sad to say,
but if we will trust in Him
he will forgive our wrongs
and conduct us Home some day.

by Charles R Watson--Pops' Father
in church bulletin, March 19, 1967


Holmes learned how to cook omelets while watching Julia, so he made them for our Christmas breakfast!