Thoughts on Toyota:

Rush Limbaugh is focusing on thoughts that have been in my mind since the Toyota recall. Since our family owns three Toyotas, this story has been of special interest to me. Our government owns a car company, GM, which competes with Toyota. Toyota was the leading car seller last year. GM is only making it with government assistance. Another friend of our current government, the UAW, has campaigned against Toyota because they don't hire union members.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Perhaps our government has ulterior motives in going after Toyota in such a big way. This is not to say that Toyota doesn't need to fix its car problems, but the problem is tiny and, according to the Wall Street Journal, happens occasionally with all kinds of autos.

In my experience, the Toyota is a great car! I hope our government does not do permanent damage to this company; after all, it keeps 30,000 automakers employed in America.

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Sarah said...

hmmm...good thoughts Mom...I was kinda wondering what all the big fuss was about.