Luke 5:1-11  Last night in GA, we had a lesson on this passage where Jesus said "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Hearing that verse, my immediate reaction is "What can we do to be fishers of men?", and that is what I asked the girls.  The response: pray for them, read the Bible to them, give them Bibles, set a good example.

So, this morning I thought more about that verse and I realized something.  As Christians, our focus isn't supposed to be on trying to fish for men.  Instead, it should be on following Jesus.  He is the one who then makes us fishers of men.  My question should have been "How do you follow Jesus?"


Sarah said...

hmmmm...that's really awesome insight when it comes to missions - and actually, that is when I started getting over my fear of sharing the gospel - when I started really pursuing a relationship with God. And that is something to remember here in Argentina - God will take care of logistics (language, culture, personalities, etc) all I have to do is follow Him and He will provide the opportunities to minister.

vi mom said...

I learned from reading and studying the book Grace Walk that we are in the habit of doing and serving instead of seeking God first and letting him work through us. As Christians, we have been told what we ought to do so much that we don't stop and listen to Jesus. I am learning that I need to stop and examine each thing I say and each verse I read to see what it really means instead of what I think it means.

The end result may be practically the same, but the motivation is completely different.

Sharon said...

Last summer I read a devotion about when Peter walked on the water. The reason he started sinking was because he took his focus off Jesus. The author wrote about horses who have blinders as they can only look forward. We as Christian need to be like them, have blinders on and focus only on Jesus. It's when we stop looking at Him that we sink, have fear, feel like we can't. We just have to follow and let Christ do the work.