How I am voting:  For the state elections, I am voting straight Republican.  I don't care much for Abel Maldonano or Mike Villines, but the democratic choices are worse.
 I have studied Brown and Whitman, and based on Brown's record of raising taxes and pushing environmental issues at the expense of business, Whitman is the better choice for the business climate in California.  She is somewhat better on moral issues as well, although she seems to speak out of both sides of her mouth in an attempt to win votes.
Although Carly Fiorina is called a moderate, I've heard her on talk radio shows, and she seems to be a true conservative.  She is a successful, wealthy businesswoman and I think many people are jealous of her.

Propositions:  I'm following McClintock's advice:

Interestingly, Meg Whitman is practically the same on the propositions.  The only difference is that she is opposed to 23--the one that would stop the new environmental rules.  She instead plans to suspend them for a year when she gets into office so she can study them.  I would rather get rid of them altogether, so I go with McClintock on this one.

Now I need to study the much more difficult local elections and judges.  More is coming!
Luke 5:1-11  Last night in GA, we had a lesson on this passage where Jesus said "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

Hearing that verse, my immediate reaction is "What can we do to be fishers of men?", and that is what I asked the girls.  The response: pray for them, read the Bible to them, give them Bibles, set a good example.

So, this morning I thought more about that verse and I realized something.  As Christians, our focus isn't supposed to be on trying to fish for men.  Instead, it should be on following Jesus.  He is the one who then makes us fishers of men.  My question should have been "How do you follow Jesus?"