Another link to add to the Phonehenge info--this blogger theorizes that LA county stands to make more money in property taxes if they can get the poor people to give up their land.


I came across "Phonehenge" on facebook--maybe it was a link from SaveCalifornia.com.  This sad story has touched me and led me to pray for a better outcome for this family.  The LA county bureaucrats are not only making Kim tear down his work of art, but insisting that very poor people tear down their small homes--leaving them homeless.  I wonder why the county wants to get rid of these people.  I also wonder how this is legal and why the right to personal property is no longer the law of the land.


This story is from the LA Times--an excellent expose' of what is going on.


This video tells Kim's side of the story and shows where he lives and what he built.  I'd say the structure is comparable in quality to the treehouse at Disneyland.


What the constitution says about property rights.

Constitutional founders

An explanation of property rights and laws by Cato institute:



Bethany now has an ipad.  It is great fun, easy to carry, and offers numerous apps.  I think it (and similar devices) will eventually take the place of most computers.  What do you think?