Books I've read this year:

Scandalous by DA Carson  In a nutshell, the uniqueness of the way God saved us from our sins is scandalous.  Carson looks at the unusual way Jesus lived, died and was resurrected--we've heard the story and take it for granted.

The Chronicles of Narnia  I like to read this series every year.  The books are so encouraging, wholesome and uplifting.  I finish each book with a smile of satisfaction.

In process:  America's Great Depression by Murray Rothbard  This book on economics and business cycles was written in 1963, but when I read the first chapter, I thought it had been written recently.  Solomon's adage that "There is nothing new under the sun" certainly holds true when it comes to government and economics.  Although this is not a quick read, I have gained understanding of the underlying principles of how the economy works.

I've also read a Jeeves and Wooster book--my favorite type of light reading because it is silly and fun--no worries!

I've now lost 21 pounds! Thanking God for helping me find a program that works for me.


It's a feeling good day!  I am down two pants sizes and need to take in my clothes.  I'm back on HCG and going to the Schwarz Wellness Center.  Time to pull out the sewing machine!