Books I've read this year:

Scandalous by DA Carson  In a nutshell, the uniqueness of the way God saved us from our sins is scandalous.  Carson looks at the unusual way Jesus lived, died and was resurrected--we've heard the story and take it for granted.

The Chronicles of Narnia  I like to read this series every year.  The books are so encouraging, wholesome and uplifting.  I finish each book with a smile of satisfaction.

In process:  America's Great Depression by Murray Rothbard  This book on economics and business cycles was written in 1963, but when I read the first chapter, I thought it had been written recently.  Solomon's adage that "There is nothing new under the sun" certainly holds true when it comes to government and economics.  Although this is not a quick read, I have gained understanding of the underlying principles of how the economy works.

I've also read a Jeeves and Wooster book--my favorite type of light reading because it is silly and fun--no worries!

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vi mom said...

I finished the book on the Great Depression. I learned that recessions come in cycles and are usually caused when prices are too high or too low, wages are kept too high, money is too easy to borrow, or government interferes with manufacturing, money, or wages. If left to themselves, they quickly subside as manufacturers adjust by lowering costs or making different things to sell. The more government tries to fix things, the worse the recession becomes, and high wages limit the number of employees a business can hire. It is pretty obvious if one thinks about it.