Guess what?  Tomorrow is voting day!  Even though it is just the primaries and Mitt Romney has already locked up the nomination for the Republican party, we still have other people to vote for and we SHOULD!

My recommendations:
President:  I'll leave to your convictions.
US Senator:  Elizabeth Emken--she is the only one of that huge array of people who I have seen endorsed anywhere.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could oust Feinstein?
US Representative District 31:  Gary Miller
State Senator District 33:  Bill Emmerson
State Assembly District 40:  Mike Morrell
County Committee District 3:  I am voting for 3 of the 9, although I am open to voting for more if you know of other deserving people.  These were the three that I know I agree with politically.
Neil Derry, David Rempel and Lane Schneider
County Supervisor District 3:  Neil Derry

State Propositions:
No on 28--this is one of those fake term limit propositions and we are better off not changing the system than making a bad change.
No on 29--more taxes that will probably go for enriching political cronies and bureaucrats instead of for true cancer research--and do we really need more taxes for something that is already well funded privately?

If you are not in my districts--can you believe all the different districts we have in California?  My one little neighborhood is in District 31, 33, 40, and 3.  No wonder I can't ever remember who represents me!

Anyhow, if you are conservative, check out voter guides for your area:



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