Good News--God's News!

My talkative preacher brother, Brian Watson, called this evening with exciting news.  Last week, while he hunted for alligator in South Louisiana, a stranger and his wife stopped to ask for directions.  My brother, his hands filled with chicken necks and greasy string, greeted them, and the conversation quickly turned to God.  

The man wanted to start churches for hunters in the swamps and marshes of South Louisiana, but he didn't know how to get started.  The conversation was God ordained!  Less than two years ago, Brian had been led to become a church planter for outdoorsmen in Texas.  The two men exchanged contact information and my brother promised to find out who the man could talk to about starting churches.

As my brother researched, he found out that the person in charge of church planting in Louisiana was none other than a friend from our childhood church!  He was quickly able to help the two connect with each other, and his ministry will now expand to another state.

In the short time Brian and his family have stepped out in faith to minister to outdoorsmen, God has led him in planting three churches with another one about to start.  God has led in every step of the way, opening locations for churches and leading men to step up into leadership.  

Brian said that they had just ordained a man into ministry, and he had recently met three hispanic men who want to lead or start churches.  He also said that six people were waiting to be baptized!

The Outdoor Life church is a little different than most.  It meets on a weeknight rather than on the weekend to accomodate the needs of hunters.  Small group Bible studies and worship services are held in private businesses, some catering to hunters.

Brian's income is small.  He has stepped out in faith to do this ministry, but God has provided every step of the way.  

If you feel led, pray for my brother's health.  He suffers from major allergies and asthma and needs to see a specialist.  Pray for the money to do so. Also, pray for a dear friend of his who suffers from depression.  This friend has been instrumental in helping start the churches.  Lastly, pray for the church plants and leaders who will be stepping out in faith this year.

It is good to know that God is at work!


Why I appreciate my friend, Kathy:

Loyal, long-lasting friends are rare for me.  Because I have a handicapped daughter, I don’t get out much.  However, my best friend has stuck by me for the last thirteen or so years, and I appreciate all that she is and has done for me.

She understands my personality and calls me because she knows I don’t like making phone calls.  I can count on her to check up on how I am doing, and she also remembers what is going on with my children and asks about them as well.  I know that she prays for me and my family, and I am thankful for her concern for us.

During past difficulties, she and her family have provided much needed furniture and also have purchased an expensive wheel chair for my handicapped daughter.  They have done this out of love, even though they could have spent the money on themselves.

Also, in past years, she has included my daughter Noelle in outings to places we can not easily go such as Disneyland and Magic Mountain.  We all consider these fun outings to be a blessing.  Her thoughtfulness in remembering us is greatly appreciated.

So thank you Kathy, for being such a caring and loving friend.  I usually take you for granted, but I am so glad we have each other!

With love, (phileo and agape)

Your friend,



It's time for a book review.  I just completed How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton Chistensen.  Christensen is an award winning professor at the Harvard Business School.  Although the title of the book sounds like it is about setting goals and making plans, the book is much broader than that.

The author combines plans for personal life, business and family.  He takes most of his examples from the good and bad choices businesses have made.

Some of my favorite thoughts from the book include:

Solving the challenges in your life requires a deep understanding of what causes what to happen.

How do you allocate your time, talent, and resources?  What is your strategy?  What do you want to achieve and how will you get there?

What motivates you?  True motivation is intrinsic.  Financial motivation rarely satisfies the quest for meaning.  He uses the quote, "Find a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life."

From page 61, and one of my favorite thoughts,  Change can often be difficult and it will probably seem easier to just stick with what you are already doing.  That thinking can be dangerous.

Where you spend your time, energy, and money determines what is really important to you.

A strategy is nothing but good intentions unless it is effectively implemented.

Chapter 6, "What did you hire the milkshake for?"  is most intriguing.  He points out that goods and services meet a need or serve a purpose.  It is our job or a business' job to find out what need the item is meeting.  He used a milkshake as an example. I think of the ipad, iphone and ipod.  Steve Jobs was so forward thinking that he could figure out what we needed or wanted before we knew we wanted it.  The author points out that businesses fail when they don't pay attention to what is happening around them.  We can't go forward by maintaining the status quo.

Regarding school, he suggested that children are not motivated by school itself.  However, they do like to have friends and be successful.  He suggests that schools work on developing those two motivations for children by giving them many opportunities to succeed.  He didn't really address how to develop friends.

In the last few chapters, Christensen relates business practice to home life.  He offers some great advice about raising children and developing a family culture.  He emphasizes living out character traits such as honesty, kindness, and the desire to work hard.  Also, he cautions against allowing children to be involved in too many outside activities--he suggests that we not completely outsource our child rearing.

Although not everyone will be interested in reading a book like this, I think it is thought provoking and helpful, especially when desiring to develop a purpose in life.  It was highly recommended by Hugh Hewitt.