Why I appreciate my friend, Kathy:

Loyal, long-lasting friends are rare for me.  Because I have a handicapped daughter, I don’t get out much.  However, my best friend has stuck by me for the last thirteen or so years, and I appreciate all that she is and has done for me.

She understands my personality and calls me because she knows I don’t like making phone calls.  I can count on her to check up on how I am doing, and she also remembers what is going on with my children and asks about them as well.  I know that she prays for me and my family, and I am thankful for her concern for us.

During past difficulties, she and her family have provided much needed furniture and also have purchased an expensive wheel chair for my handicapped daughter.  They have done this out of love, even though they could have spent the money on themselves.

Also, in past years, she has included my daughter Noelle in outings to places we can not easily go such as Disneyland and Magic Mountain.  We all consider these fun outings to be a blessing.  Her thoughtfulness in remembering us is greatly appreciated.

So thank you Kathy, for being such a caring and loving friend.  I usually take you for granted, but I am so glad we have each other!

With love, (phileo and agape)

Your friend,