Recipe for Shrimp Crawfish Stir-Fry


Stick butter
Shrimp (I used frozen, shelled)
Garlic salt
Cajon seasoning
Shredded Parmesan/romano cheese

Serve over your favorite noodles or rice, and add a fresh salad.

Brown veggies in butter
Add crawfish
Add seasonings
Add shrimp and cook until pink
Sprinkle with cheese

Traditional Marriage

Probably the clearest thinker I've seen on gay marriage is Dennis Prager.  I can't say it better than him, so I'm linking his column here.


Then, today he posted another column after Rob Portman announced that he had a change of heart regarding gay marriage when he learned that his son is gay.


The key is to make decisions with the mind rather than the heart.   "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"  Jeremiah 17:9

As emotional beings, I don't think we should completely rule out our feelings, but we need to weigh the consequences of societal changes carefully.  Do we really want a society where we marginalize traditional marriage?  What happens to our children?  Why haven't previous thinkers pressed for gay marriage?


Sometimes, actually often, I wonder why our government acts like it does.  It seems to me that the obvious thing to do is protect and save the people mentioned in this article.

Now that most of my family is off facebook, I will try to do more blogging.  I read Bob Doman's blog today about a young man with Down's Syndrome who started his own restaurant.  The video is touching and I thought I'd share it.