God at Work

Life is full of surprises--God likes to give blessings to his children.  When I pray or when friends pray for me and my family, the answers that come are often not what I expect at all.

The past two weeks have been especially difficult for Bethany.  With numerous falls and increases in seizure activity; she could barely walk, and I felt frustrated and tired.  But I prayed and researched, looking for answers.  Friends prayed for us as well.

I decided to consider a chiropractor and/or massage therapy. Then I  went to my appointment with Pamala Schwarz, our naturopath, today.  She asked me about Bethany, and I told her what was happening and what I was looking for.  Interestingly, Pamala had just hired a message therapist.  Then, she offered to come to our home and do allergy treatments with Bethany for free!  I was so surprised because it was so unexpected, but she said God had laid Bethany on her heart and told her to do this. 

God is so good in giving in unexpected ways.  Pray with us that God will bring healing to Bethany's mind and body.

On a personal note, I too have been helped by the laser and allergy treatments with Pamala.  I've noticed a decrease in joint pain, less chest congestion, and less snoring (Holmes notices that one).  In addition, moles and skin tags are shrinking or disappearing.

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Sarah Harris said...

YAY! This is such wonderful news, Mom! Who knew that prize you won at your first visit to Pamala's office would bring so many blessings to our family. Now let us continue to pray for healing for Bethany and strength for you. Love you!