Does Joy Come in the Morning?

Does Joy Come in the Morning?

I don't know!  I'm still waiting. One of the difficulties of living with a handicapped young person is dealing with temper tantrums, stubbornness, and sometimes sleeplessness.

Last night, Bethany awakened at 2:30, and she had no interest in going back to bed.  Instead, the night was punctuated with numerous temper tantrums, a early morning snack or two, and a short time watching TV.  

My mother used to say "I feel like death warmed over." I can empathize!

The good news from her massage therapist,  Bethany has abs of steel!  That comes from all those temper tantrums where she rocks back and forth, slamming her small body into the couch.  I've caught her doing sit-ups in her bed when she can't go to sleep too. Maybe I should try doing my own temper tantrums!

I thought about God's word while we weren't sleeping last night.

Romans 5:3-5
Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, 4 and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, 5 and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

So God is making me quite a character, filled with hope, and we know that hope does not disappoint! And that is a good thing.

Time for a car ride and eventually hot baths and showers.  I'm thankful to have these conveniences that make life more enjoyable!


Summary of GAPS and NAET Class on August 20,2013

Summary of GAPS Diet Class August 20, 2013

Taught by Ana Pennick from Selah Wellness Center  selahwellness.net

GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) can be helped by healing and sealing the gut.

Much of this information is based on study by Dr Natasha McBride who wrote Gut and Psychology Syndrome.

The problems:  People are suffering from a toxic load that affects psychological well being.  Autism and suicide has increased tremendously since the 1960’s.

Nutrient deficiencies
Bacterial and viral infections
Toxic metal exposure
Chemical toxins
Structural imbalance
Emotional trauma

The above things all affect the health of the gut and gut flora.

Gut Flora 

Protects from invaders
Helps with digestion
Aids vitamin production
Modulates the immune system

Damage to flora is caused by

Junk food
Soda poor diet
Dental work

These problems may be generational due to mother ‘s health if she has poor gut flora, has taken antibiotics, had vaccinations. Etc.  Then the baby also has the same treatments and eats processed foods.

Damaged Gut Wall Problems

Gut dysbiosis leads to a damaged gut wall which allows toxins, microbes and undigested foods to enter the blood stream and affect the entire body, including the brain.

Microbes and toxins attack the wall

Enterocytes degenerate and tight junctions open allowing toxins to enter the blood stream and ultimately the brain

The immune system reacts causing autoimmune disease.

The mix of toxins in the body will be individual to the person and each person needs their own treatment protocol.

Ways to Treat

Good bacteria is the best defense.

Friendly bacteria assimilates B vitamins.

90% of neurotransmitters are made in the gut.  This influences the state of well being.

Abnormal flora keeps the body from digesting food and causes illness, headaches, vitamin deficiencies.

Low fat diet foods often have too many chemicals and sugars.

Gaps Protocol

Normalize gut flora

Heal and seal the gut lining

Restore function and immunity

Remove toxicity

Restore the body’s toxification system

Key Components of the GAPS Diet

Fats (butter from grass-fed cows), ghee, coconut oil, duck and goose fat, tallow, egg yolks, cultured sour cream

Fat deficiencies
May cause poor reading, spelling, auditory memory, dry skin, problems with urination

Bones--meat stock and bone broth (provides minerals)

Organ meats

Cultured dairy


To heal the brain

Add meat stock daily
Add gut flora
Remove toxic personal care and cleaning products
Add recommended therapies
Add manipulations--massage, chiropractic
Consider NAET
Therapy for emotional trauma

Probiotics (to add good flora to gut)

Don’t buy these in the grocery store.
Protect the gut, keep the gut clean, destroy toxins and carcinogens, balance the immune system
Buy flora with numerous strains as recommended by Ana or Pamela


Assist the body in using vitamins  Ionic form is ideal--in mineral water, alkaline water, bone broth, celtic sea salt

Liver Detox

1.  Get moving with trampoline, massage therapy, sauna, coffee enemas

2.  Detox with enemas, castor oil packs, gall bladder flush

Testing--stool analysis, ruin tests, check for itamins, energetic testing, saliva and hair testing, recommends biological dentistry to avoid harmful metals in mouth
Zonulin test will soon be available at Schwarz Wellness Center.  This is a urine test that checks for leaky gut.  It will be less than $100.

NAET Briefly Described by Pamala Schwarz with Schwarz Wellness Center

An allergy may or may not be obvious to a person, but we develop allergies to many things that cause stress on the body.

Everything has its own wave length, and the body reacts to each thing by recognizing it as beneficial, neutral or harmful.  

If it is beneficial, the body absorbs it with no problem.  If neutral, it is not a problem, and if it is seen as harmful, the body fights against it, weakening the immune system.

Symptoms of allergies may include constipation, eczema, adcid reflux, cravings, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, high blood pressure, breathing problems, joint pain, etc.

Allergies are usually vitamin, protein or mineral allergies found In the foods that appear to cause the reaction.

Environmental allergies are often food allergies.

Allergies can cause leaky gut and many human disorders.  Emotional symptoms are often the result of nutritional allergies.

The NAET treatment is non invasive and is done in a 30 minute appointment. It involves being treated on the back while holding the allergen and then avoiding that allergen for 25 hours.  The basic allergens are covered with 15 treatments.

Laser treatment also can be completed.  This involves holding a rod attached to a computer that sends the electronic wave length of the allergen to the body.  The ears are treated with a laser, eliminating the body’s negative reaction to the allergen.

Allergies are the gateway to autoimmune disorders.

Personal Note:

Pamela Schwarz does NAET treatments in her office.  She has a wealth of knowledge, is constantly studying, and offers many other services to help with health problems.

I have used Pamela to help eliminate my allergies with great success.  My energy has increased, and I no longer get sick from smelling flowers, perfumes, cleaners, etc.