And now the good news!

God is answering prayer.  My friend and I have been praying for healing for Bethany.  I've been impressed to do the plans I already know and the programs that are already in place, and then wait to see God work.  Right now, we are using Schwarz Wellness Center, and Pamala is following the Lord's lead in helping Bethany.  In addition, we use NACD, which has offered us guidance in working with her for many years.

Bethany is improving!  After having medical massages for the past few months, we are noticing that Bethany's back and hip are straighter, and she is walking better.  Susan, who has watched her for years so I can have a break, noticed this first.  So I am going to brag on Jacquelyn Little, the therapist who comes to our home and lets Bethany sit on the couch while she works on her from head to toe!

In addition, her seizures have almost completely disappeared!  This is thanks to Pamala from the Schwarz Wellness Center, who has kindly come to my home to do NAET allergy treatments. Apparently, she was reacting to vitamin B which affects the nervous system.

Next thing to work on . . . temper tantrums!





Yes, this is something to be upset about.  I just heard from our insurance company, Anthem Blue Cross.  For the second time, our insurance plan is no longer offered, THANKS TO OBAMACARE.

At first, I was told that I would have to buy insurance through the exchange, but now if I don't qualify for subsidies, (we don't) I can still buy from Anthem Blue Cross.

Right now, my plan (my plan is separate from my husband because it is cheaper to have separate plans) costs $204 per month.  With all the new rules and regulations my new "cheap, high deductible" choice will cost $495 per month.  That is an increase of 142%!

That new increase is just for me.  My husband's plan will also increase by a similar amount, so we will pay an additional $600 per month for a bottom of the line policy with benefits that WE DO NOT WANT OR NEED.

Our president is either misguided or a liar, and I hate to say that about a president because I'd much rather respect him than think badly of him even if I disagree with him.  Didn't he campaign for this new health insurance  program by saying "If you like your plan, you can keep it?" 

Note:  I do know that there are other options out there--Medi-Share and Samaritan Share come to mind.  These are Christian ministries that we can join that are exempt from ObamaCare.  We will be looking into them.  However, there should be better options for individual policies.  Most middle income Americans who do not qualify for subsidies will not be able to afford the tremendous increase in insurance costs.


Healing Oils

Yesterday I suffered a paper cutter cut.  It was quite serious, taking at least 45 minutes to stop bleeding and bleeding through several bandages and cotton coverings.  I had doused it in lavender and orange essential oils.
This morning, I carefully peeled off all the bandaids and I can't even see where the cut was!  Other than a little soreness, the cut is healed.
I use DoTerra essential oils, and my naturopath says that there are different qualities of oils, and this is one of the best.


Good News from my brother!

I talked to my Texas brother, Brian, last night.  He was so excited!  God has led him to plant churches among cowboys, hunters, and fishermen.  He has started a number of churches among these people groups, and their goal is for each church plant to start a new church each year.  He just ordained 4 new pastors in the past two weeks!  The Texas Baptist Association has gotten on board with what he is doing and is assisting. (God led him to do this on his own after he was laid off from a church when the economy tanked)

His church model is unique in that he plants churches among people with common interests and holds services and Bible studies based on their time schedules.  For example, services are held for hunters in a room at a sporting goods store on a Wednesday or Thursday night.

He says he is learning what it means to "abide in Christ" and to pray without ceasing.  God is constantly leading people to him that need Jesus or prayer or who are interested in starting churches.  He says that now God is leading him to work with the black community--inner city where people are afraid to go.  He has been counseling one family, and God sent a black woman to him who wanted prayer.  Last year, he started a church in the Hispanic community after God led him in a similar way.

He said that the other night, God told him to stop at a fire station and go to the back, so he obeyed.  He didn't know why.  The captain came out and asked if he needed help, so Brian asked if they needed a chaplain.  The captain said maybe, but I think God sent you to me because my wife just found out that she has pancreatic cancer, and I need someone to pray with me.

Brian says that God is leading him to counsel people who have committed great sin to forgive themselves and forget the past.  They don't have to live in the past, but can now move forward with Christ.  He also challenges people who want to blame and condemn others to encourage and build up each other instead.

These were the exact same things a friend and I had been learning in a Beth Moore Bible study--about forgiveness of ourselves and others, and also knowing the grace of God which leads to forgiveness, love, freedom and hope for ourselves and others.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever!


More delays and outright disregard of ObamaCare


It bothers me that Obama unilaterally exempted Washington government workers from the full price of their health care.  I am saddened that government workers are being dumped out of their excellent plans into the exchanges though.

If unions end up getting subsidies, then we all should!


The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)

I am starting this informational piece to demonstrate some of the pitfalls of the ACA.  However, if you as a reader are helped by this new program, please tell me.

My story:
I received notice yesterday that effective January 14, 2014, our insurance company will no longer be allowed to offer our insurance plan.  Instead we have to purchase a plan on the government exchange.  

So I went to the exchange website and looked up plans. The "Bronze" bottom of the line plan costs about double what we are currently paying.  We don't qualify for any subsidies, so where is that extra money coming from?  Beats me!  

Then, I noticed this post at townhall.com.  

We aren't the only ones losing our plans!  So are artists.  As mentioned in the article, I distinctly remember then Speaker Pelosi mentioning that artists would be able to have good insurance under the ACA.  

 Before all this started, our insurance company was able to offer a variety of plans, and we chose one that we could afford.  Now we have limited choices, and they are expensive and not what we need at all.

The link below shows the price changes for insurance in different states.  However, I found our increase in rates to be much greater because of the limited choice in plans.