And now the good news!

God is answering prayer.  My friend and I have been praying for healing for Bethany.  I've been impressed to do the plans I already know and the programs that are already in place, and then wait to see God work.  Right now, we are using Schwarz Wellness Center, and Pamala is following the Lord's lead in helping Bethany.  In addition, we use NACD, which has offered us guidance in working with her for many years.

Bethany is improving!  After having medical massages for the past few months, we are noticing that Bethany's back and hip are straighter, and she is walking better.  Susan, who has watched her for years so I can have a break, noticed this first.  So I am going to brag on Jacquelyn Little, the therapist who comes to our home and lets Bethany sit on the couch while she works on her from head to toe!

In addition, her seizures have almost completely disappeared!  This is thanks to Pamala from the Schwarz Wellness Center, who has kindly come to my home to do NAET allergy treatments. Apparently, she was reacting to vitamin B which affects the nervous system.

Next thing to work on . . . temper tantrums!




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