Yes, this is something to be upset about.  I just heard from our insurance company, Anthem Blue Cross.  For the second time, our insurance plan is no longer offered, THANKS TO OBAMACARE.

At first, I was told that I would have to buy insurance through the exchange, but now if I don't qualify for subsidies, (we don't) I can still buy from Anthem Blue Cross.

Right now, my plan (my plan is separate from my husband because it is cheaper to have separate plans) costs $204 per month.  With all the new rules and regulations my new "cheap, high deductible" choice will cost $495 per month.  That is an increase of 142%!

That new increase is just for me.  My husband's plan will also increase by a similar amount, so we will pay an additional $600 per month for a bottom of the line policy with benefits that WE DO NOT WANT OR NEED.

Our president is either misguided or a liar, and I hate to say that about a president because I'd much rather respect him than think badly of him even if I disagree with him.  Didn't he campaign for this new health insurance  program by saying "If you like your plan, you can keep it?" 

Note:  I do know that there are other options out there--Medi-Share and Samaritan Share come to mind.  These are Christian ministries that we can join that are exempt from ObamaCare.  We will be looking into them.  However, there should be better options for individual policies.  Most middle income Americans who do not qualify for subsidies will not be able to afford the tremendous increase in insurance costs.

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