The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)

I am starting this informational piece to demonstrate some of the pitfalls of the ACA.  However, if you as a reader are helped by this new program, please tell me.

My story:
I received notice yesterday that effective January 14, 2014, our insurance company will no longer be allowed to offer our insurance plan.  Instead we have to purchase a plan on the government exchange.  

So I went to the exchange website and looked up plans. The "Bronze" bottom of the line plan costs about double what we are currently paying.  We don't qualify for any subsidies, so where is that extra money coming from?  Beats me!  

Then, I noticed this post at townhall.com.  

We aren't the only ones losing our plans!  So are artists.  As mentioned in the article, I distinctly remember then Speaker Pelosi mentioning that artists would be able to have good insurance under the ACA.  

 Before all this started, our insurance company was able to offer a variety of plans, and we chose one that we could afford.  Now we have limited choices, and they are expensive and not what we need at all.

The link below shows the price changes for insurance in different states.  However, I found our increase in rates to be much greater because of the limited choice in plans.  


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