More information on ObamaCare or the ACA

I was curious about subsidies for ObamaCare, and I finally found information to help figure out if you qualify for subsidies.
This chart tells what 400% of poverty level is based on family size.  Those who earn under 400% qualify for subsidies.


The amount a person has to pay for insurance is capped at a certain percentage of income based on where he is on the income chart.  Scroll midway through this webpage to find the "Federal Poverty Guidelines," and you can see about how much a person or family will be subsidized.


If you want to know a bit more about your options and insurance choices, check out these two websites:



Note:  I just saw the link to the healthsherpa website at townhall.com, and the article by Mike Shedlock is interesting and helpful.


If you want to know specifics about plans, you will need to go to the government websites.  What I don't see, at least at the California website, is a list of physicians covered by the plans.  Maybe I have to give more information to find that out.

If you don't qualify for subsidies, you should not use the government exchanges.  Instead, go directly to the insurance companies.  As I have previously posted, Christians can be a part of medical sharing programs and still be exempt from ACA penalties.  We are strongly considering this option.

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