Love and Math Book Review

Love and Math by Edward Frenkel

After hearing Mr Frenkel discuss his book on the Dennis Prager show, I was intrigued and knew I wanted to read it.  The book did not disappoint me!

Frenkel not only is a genius at mathematics, but he also is an interesting and entertaining author.  Although the book is filled with complex mathematical equations, it also contains numerous anecdotes about mathematicians in history as well as his own personal story.  

The book demonstrates a love for the objectivity and truth of math.  It is a subject that does not change, but is always there, waiting to be discovered.  Even though the author does not mention God, I immediately thought of God as the author of mathematics who has made the beautiful harmony and complexity in our world.

The main portion of the book discusses the Langlands program which is based on the mathematical theory of symmetry.  Frenkel tells the story of how this program has developed and what has been discovered.  He describes how the individual mathematical studies of algebra, geometry, and physics harmonize and demonstrates how a complex equation from one form of math can be inserted into another form of math to solve difficult problems.  

Obviously, Frenkel tells the story of his love for mathematics, and any reader with a desire to learn more about this discipline will be intrigued by this book.  I felt that I just barely scratched the surface of my understanding, so I will be reading it again later this year.

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