The Evil Plastic Bag

Well, unless Jerry Brown vetoes the bill, the one use plastic bag will soon be outlawed in California.

I'm not sure I like the idea of carrying cloth bags everywhere.  That is one more thing to remember, and then I'll have to do more laundry too!  My other option will be to buy the paper bags or heavier plastic bags that the store will now sell for my convenience for at least ten cents each.  This seems like a money grab to me.

I wonder where the money trail goes on this new law?  Or is is just a power grab?  I am a bit of a skeptic, but I remember when paper was banned in favor of the "better for the environment" plastic bag.  What a twisted world we live in!

Here is an article on the subject:


This is a serious study of the impact of all bags on the environment from UK.  I read this a few years ago when cities first started banning plastic bags.


 Instead of banning bags, the government could encourage people to recycle them.  I personally either recycle or reuse the bags.  I use several disposable bags a day around the house, and I use them as small trash can liners as well.

I've been reading a little on plastic in the ocean, but I would like to see more facts on the subject.  Is that plastic from disposable bags or from other things?  Does it really cause a problem?  Will banning bags in the grocery store really make a difference or is it just a "feel good" thing to do?



Jon is leaving for St Louis in a few days to work on his doctorate in philosophy.  I didn't realize it when he was little, but I guess he has always been a philosopher.

Noelle recently found this little memory I had written: 

At the age of four, Jonathan was playing a Monopoly game.  He began to look through the Community Chest cards to select the one he wanted instead of picking up the top card.  I told him he couldn't do that because it was cheating.  Then I realized his young age and said something like "No, it isn't cheating for a four year old.  When you do that at the age of nine, it will be cheating."

Jon drew himself up straight, looked at me and replied, "No, Mom.  When I am nine I won't cheat, I'll lie."


Small Changes Starting to Add Up!

At the age of 23, Bethany is improving!  We started seeing Pamala Schwarz with the Schwarz Wellness Center about eighteen months ago.  She began doing NAET treatments for Bethany.  We learned that Bethany had severe allergies to eggs, vitamin D, vitamin B, and hormones.  She has now been treated for those allergies.

In addition, Pamala had done some study and learned that iodine deficiencies cause many problems, including mental retardation.  I learned that I am severely deficient in iodine and began taking supplements. Immediately, I noticed a change in my energy level and mental sharpness.  We decided to give Bethany iodine supplements too.  Also, included in Bethany's supplementation is vitamin C, Cell Food, silica (part of the Cell Food brand), and butter and cod liver oil.

Also, we began medical massage for Bethany, and Jacquelyn Little kindly agreed to come to our home and do massage on Bethany's terms (sitting up and being generally uncooperative!).  The results have  been amazing.  Bethany's scoliosis has improved, she can walk without losing her balance, her hands and feet are relaxing, and her range of motion has increased.  The massage seems to have helped with pain as well.

Bethany is much more alert and interactive in the last month.  She pays attention to what is happening in the house, talks more (She can say "Mom," "Dad," and "van.")  She will sometimes complete our sentence when we say something like "Play with _____."  Now Bethany notices where things are when I move them.  She actually followed my lead when I turned my head and looked where I was looking. She has never appeared to pay any attention to what I do, so this is a first!

In addition, she is moving around the house and looking for things to do.  She also can now make simple choices such as deciding whether to take a bath or eat.  When I call everyone to dinner, she comes too.

We have been seeing Bob Doman with NACD for many years and have done a program for Bethany based on his recommendation.  Now that Bethany is feeling better physically and some of the problems causing her mental condition are being addressed, we actually can do the program and see some results!

I am thankful to God for leading us in this direction, and I appreciate all the time and effort spent on Bethany's behalf by people who offer hope even for a young adult operating at a one year old level. Now the real work begins as I figure out how to use Bob Doman's advice to move her forward!

http://nacd.org/ Bob Doman

Pamala Schwarz