The Evil Plastic Bag

Well, unless Jerry Brown vetoes the bill, the one use plastic bag will soon be outlawed in California.

I'm not sure I like the idea of carrying cloth bags everywhere.  That is one more thing to remember, and then I'll have to do more laundry too!  My other option will be to buy the paper bags or heavier plastic bags that the store will now sell for my convenience for at least ten cents each.  This seems like a money grab to me.

I wonder where the money trail goes on this new law?  Or is is just a power grab?  I am a bit of a skeptic, but I remember when paper was banned in favor of the "better for the environment" plastic bag.  What a twisted world we live in!

Here is an article on the subject:


This is a serious study of the impact of all bags on the environment from UK.  I read this a few years ago when cities first started banning plastic bags.


 Instead of banning bags, the government could encourage people to recycle them.  I personally either recycle or reuse the bags.  I use several disposable bags a day around the house, and I use them as small trash can liners as well.

I've been reading a little on plastic in the ocean, but I would like to see more facts on the subject.  Is that plastic from disposable bags or from other things?  Does it really cause a problem?  Will banning bags in the grocery store really make a difference or is it just a "feel good" thing to do?

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Benjamin Bryan said...

Things are looking pretty grim for all those plastic bag manufacturing jobs.