It's a Crazy Life!

God has a sense of humor.  

On Monday, I needed to shop at Walmart in the evening, so I took my driver's license and charge card out of my wallet and carried them in my pocket.  Ever mindful of safety, I didn't want to carry a purse.

That began the missing driver's license saga!  I didn't recall what I had done until Wednesday when I noticed that my license wasn't in my wallet. That began the panicked search all over the house for my missing cards, including going through all the trash, prayer, checking at Walmart, and more prayer.

So . . . I haven't been stopped by a police officer in 20 years, and I needed to take Bethany to her caregiver and then attend a meeting at church.  I decided to risk driving without my license.  Guess what? Yep.  I was stopped by a police officer.  You can only imagine how nervous I was, and I had no clue what I had done.  

It turned out that I hadn't done anything wrong.  She had thought I was using my phone, but I wasn't.  I dug through my purse until I found it and once I figured out where the calls were was able to show her that I was innocent.  Fortunately, she didn't check my ID!

Talk about stressed out! So I dutifully made an appointment with the DMV and resigned myself to limited driving, trying to think of ways to have Noelle drive me around without encroaching on her time.  Unfortunately, with all the illegal aliens  undocumented immigrants now getting driver's licenses, the first available appointment was six weeks away.  Sigh.

This morning, I woke up at five, cleared off my desk, and lo and behold, there were my cards, right under a wedding invitation I had scanned for my son!  Thank you, God! 

Now why in the world when I haven't been stopped by a policeman but once in my life, did I get stopped on the one day I didn't have my license?  

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