More Health Care Surprises

First, let me say that I am not writing this to elicit sympathy.  Although I may cite personal examples, my desire is to explain the ramifications of the health care law.  This is simply to increase awareness. As a Christian, I trust that God is able.

My husband helps run a small nonprofit ministry, so we purchase our own insurance.  Before the new healthcare laws were enacted, the money spent on insurance was considered nontaxable income.  Now it is taxable.

This year we were surprised to learn that out of pocket expenses for medical care are now taxable as well.  Previously, if we had high medical bills, we could receive extra income to pay for those expenses.  That is no longer allowed.  For example, when our handicapped daughter was small, we paid for her expensive dental treatments ourselves.  We were allowed to ask people to donate extra money to our ministry to offset those expenses.  This is no longer allowed under the ACA as of this year.

To add insult to injury, the money we do spend on extra health care is now considered taxable income. Whether the authors of the bill intended this or not, the obvious result will be that people in ministry will have to carefully consider whether they can afford that trip to the dentist or new eye glasses, etc.

It increasingly seems to me that the ACA is just a sneaky way to raise taxes on the middle class, and employees of small churches and nonprofits are the first to experience the wonderful opportunity to pay more taxes!