Essential Oils

I'm playing around with essential oils these days.  So far, I've loved the scents of most.  Some have grown on me--like basil. I use DoTerra, but there are other good brands.  I also like Rocky Mountain and Young Living.  Rocky Mountain is best if you don't want to participate in Multi-Level Marketing. I don't mind the MLM even though I haven't pursued selling DoTerra. I do get discounts and extra perks. Also, my nutritionist has me taking DoTerra supplements every month, so I automatically spend a certain amount--might as well get the freebies too!

Young Living is used by several of my friends as well as NACD, the organization that helps Bethany.

Bethany has been helped tremendously by frankincense.  Her seizures have been reduced about 90% and she doesn't have grand mal seizures at all anymore.

As far as DoTerra specifically:

I'm not seeing any miracles with the Slim and Sassy--no sudden weight loss! But I haven't been perfectly behaved on the diet either.

The vitality pack works well--I've had more energy, my nails are stronger, and my hair is getting thicker.

Lavender is helpful for relaxing, Breathe and peppermint work great for congestion, eucalyptus is wonderful for cuts, infections, etc. I use many oils and am happy with all of them.

So now, the real reason I am posting this is to hang on to this recipe.  I listened to Josh Axe talk about essential oils and he gave out a few recipes.

This one is for a muscle rub.


Links to sellers of essential oil mentioned above:

http://www.doterra.com/#/en  If you want to sign up under me, let me know.

https://www.youngliving.com/en_US I have a friend selling these oils.

http://www.rockymountainoils.com/  I've tried a few of their oils and the quality is good and the prices are generally less than Doterra and Young Living.

http://draxe.com/natural-remedies-category/essential-oils/  Lots of good information on oils, nutrition, and health.