Thoughts on The Christmas Candle

Holmes and I watched The Christmas Candle last night. Although scripture was used throughout the movie, we were disappointed in the theology and were unsure of the basic premise. Perhaps it was meant to be a sweet story with a little Bible tucked in. The crux of the tale is that a magical candle, brought by an angel, is supposed to give the recipient good luck if they pray while it is lighted. Of course, things go wrong with the candle, everyone prays anyway, and all goes right at the end.

The whole story was quaint but weird. We weren't sure what point the movie was trying to get across--trust in a candle? trust in prayer? everything turns out the way you want it to when you pray? Anyhow, if you watch it with children, be prepared to discuss the meaning and compare/contrast what the Bible says about prayer.


On Voting and Racism

I have encountered "You are a racist if you voted for Trump" type statements on facebook a number of times since the election. It seems counterproductive to make a blanket statement like that. I'd much prefer a discussion of beliefs so that even if I didn't agree with the other person, I could at least understand and respect differences. Here are the thoughts I posted in response to one such statement:

"I don't vote for people because of their race or sex. I would have voted for another woman who agreed more with my viewpoints--a Condoleezza Rice or Carlee Fiorina for example. I would have gladly voted for Ben Carson (black), Marco Rubio (Cuban), or Bobby Jindal (Indian). I vote for people because of what they believe and say they will do. I mainly voted for Trump because he is pro-life and the Republican party stands more for the ideas I believe in. I wish he were a more upstanding person, and I pray for his success and that he will surround himself with good people. Most people I know who voted for Trump believe the same way. Some of my friends did not vote for either person because they felt that neither was worthy to be president, and I respect that decision. The important thing as a Christian is to love and serve God and to love others. If we seek God first, everything else will fall into place." (edited)


Apathy rules. Few people pay attention or care. Even fewer vote. Perhaps we don't know how to think anymore, perhaps because we've forgotten how or never learned. We are sheep being led to the slaughter.


We made recycled trash bag balls in GA when we studied Argentina. To make them, you need lots and lots of plastic bags and scrap paper to make a ball shape. Then cover the ball with duct tape or decorative tape. In Argentina, children who can't afford soccer balls make them out of trash and tape. Of course they don't have fancy tape!


Will Christian colleges bite the dust?

California may soon legislate the extinction of Christian universities who stand for traditional marriage and for the integration of Christian beliefs in all of their studies. This is an interesting article that lays out the future:



Hair care chemical watch

I'm looking for shampoo ideas--trying to avoid the items listed below.


Christians, Muslims, and Progressives

Thoughts on the massacre in Orlando:

I learned that facebook is not the place for deep thinking. It is the place for selling stuff as well as posting photo memes and pictures of family, so I'm using my blog and whoever is interested can read it.

I think the man who did the shooting is to blame. He was influenced by others, but he carried out the action. Anyone who assisted him is also to blame and should be punished. Matt Barber has an interesting take and his column is linked below.



I didn't know


Reading Malcolm Gladwell's book David vs Goliath. I didn't know that slingers were respected warriors.  David had learned to sling a stone and came at Goliath in a surprising and unconventional way.