We made recycled trash bag balls in GA when we studied Argentina. To make them, you need lots and lots of plastic bags and scrap paper to make a ball shape. Then cover the ball with duct tape or decorative tape. In Argentina, children who can't afford soccer balls make them out of trash and tape. Of course they don't have fancy tape!


Will Christian colleges bite the dust?

California may soon legislate the extinction of Christian universities who stand for traditional marriage and for the integration of Christian beliefs in all of their studies. This is an interesting article that lays out the future:



Hair care chemical watch

I'm looking for shampoo ideas--trying to avoid the items listed below.


Christians, Muslims, and Progressives

Thoughts on the massacre in Orlando:

I learned that facebook is not the place for deep thinking. It is the place for selling stuff as well as posting photo memes and pictures of family, so I'm using my blog and whoever is interested can read it.

I think the man who did the shooting is to blame. He was influenced by others, but he carried out the action. Anyone who assisted him is also to blame and should be punished. Matt Barber has an interesting take and his column is linked below.