On Voting and Racism

I have encountered "You are a racist if you voted for Trump" type statements on facebook a number of times since the election. It seems counterproductive to make a blanket statement like that. I'd much prefer a discussion of beliefs so that even if I didn't agree with the other person, I could at least understand and respect differences. Here are the thoughts I posted in response to one such statement:

"I don't vote for people because of their race or sex. I would have voted for another woman who agreed more with my viewpoints--a Condoleezza Rice or Carlee Fiorina for example. I would have gladly voted for Ben Carson (black), Marco Rubio (Cuban), or Bobby Jindal (Indian). I vote for people because of what they believe and say they will do. I mainly voted for Trump because he is pro-life and the Republican party stands more for the ideas I believe in. I wish he were a more upstanding person, and I pray for his success and that he will surround himself with good people. Most people I know who voted for Trump believe the same way. Some of my friends did not vote for either person because they felt that neither was worthy to be president, and I respect that decision. The important thing as a Christian is to love and serve God and to love others. If we seek God first, everything else will fall into place." (edited)